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Colonialism in America

Colonialism is “the practise of invading other lands & territories, for the purpose of settlement and/or resource exploitation.” As most of us know, this is what the European settlers did centuries ago when they came to America. Unfortunately, it is … more

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Army Corps Of Engineers Will Shut Sacred Stone Camp By December 5, 2016

From Popular Resistance: RESIST!#NODAPL, DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE, MILITARY, PROTESTS By Staff, www.kfyrtv.com November 26th, 2016 WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Office, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wants all people camping on its property north of the Cannonball River to leave … more

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Indigenous People and their role in the Americas

Content in preparation (including discussion of Columbus Day & Indigenous Peoples’ Day)  

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What Is Fair Trade?

In today’s world economy, where profits rule and small-scale producers are left out of the bargaining process, farmers, craft producers, and other workers are often left without resources or hope for their future. Fair Trade helps exploited producers escape from … more

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