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PA DEP cancels meeting re: water testing report deficiencies

From Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth, 2/4/13, re: DEP Secretary cancels meeting with environmental organizations Berks Gas Truth was one of 12 organizations scheduled to meet with water testing specialists at the invitation of Secretary Michael Krancer. The invitation came in … more

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Community Bill of Rights Strategy

From CELDF, 11/8/12: Three communities banned shale gas drilling and fracking on Election Day, Nov 6, 2012, adopting Community Bill of Rights charter amendments. Mansfield and Broadview Heights, OH, and Ferguson Township, PA, asserted their rights to clean air and … more

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Sustainability Questions for Students & Educators

To make good decisions about sustainability, people need to know the facts. Here are some questions that have arisen and might be suitable for class projects or independent study: What steps can local & county government take to produce immediate reductions in … more

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Environmental Advisory Statement on DTE Incinerator

Allentown Environmental Advisory Council May 13, 2012 On March 29, 2012 Allentown signed a 35-year contract with a private NJ company, Delta Thermo Energy (DTE), to build an incinerator on Kline’s Island in Allentown for disposal of the city’s trash … more

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Echoes from the 1960s

- by Ted Morgan Billionaire George Soros recently warned that the world capitalist system faced the potential of massive street violence—if not collapse. Mainstream discourse has failed to give due credence to the most widely shared argument of Occupiers: our democracy … more

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Protecting the Interests of the People

When the residents of Lynn Township, Lehigh County discovered E.coli in their water wells, they approached their township supervisors, asking them to tell a local farmer to stop using fertilizer made from treated sewage sludge that goes by the green- … more

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Don’t Harm the Messenger

I’m honored to have the opportunity to share with you a brief exploration of what life is like in SouthSide Bethlehem, where I live and call home. While there are many who are active voices in this community, few seem … more

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Occupy Wall Street’s Moral Ground

By Kathleen Moore in Yes! Magazine, November 1, 2011] Much of the Occupy movement’s power comes from a simple moral message: It’s wrong to wreck the world. It’s wrong to wreck the health and hopes of others. The Occupy Wall … more

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Wilkinsburg PA Adopts Community Rights Ordinance That Bans Gas Drilling

Tuesday, July 20, 2011 – By a unanimous vote, the Borough Council of Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, adopted ordinance number 28-70 that enacts an enforceable Local Bill of Rights, along with a prohibition on natural gas extraction to protect those … more

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Chambersburg Declaration & Community Rights Networking

Alliance Resolution in Support of the Chambersburg Declaration and the Community Rights Work of CELDF The Steering Committee of the Alliance for Sustainable Communities-Lehigh Valley endorses the Chambersburg Declaration of February 20, 2010 and the community rights work of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund … more

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