A Plastic Ocean: Consequence of Disunity

by Courtney Cohen My passion and desire to help the environment did not develop because I grew up on a farm or because I spent my days hiking in the woods, but rather because I was raised in New York … more

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Environmental Pros & Cons

In addition to the health & safety concerns for athletes, synthetic turf raises environmental concerns: Both the grass and the infill are made from toxic products and will wind up in landfills when the fields need to be refurbished (10–12 years); … more

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PennEast Pipeline – Considerations for Communities

PennEast is a high-volume, high-pressure pipeline designed to transport natural gas from the fracking fields of northern PA through the Lehigh Valley and on to markets in other areas [perhaps overseas]. As with any major construction project, impacts on natural resources … more

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Envision LV – Environment

Use the comments feature on this page to add your thoughts on Envision LV’s draft report on the Environment—whether it’s a response to what they included or something you think needs to be added. The draft report on the Environment … more

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Sustainability Questions for Students & Educators

To make good decisions about sustainability, people need to know the facts. Here are some questions that have arisen and might be suitable for class projects or independent study: What steps can local & county government take to produce immediate reductions in … more

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Principles of Ecology

The principles of ecology were derived from years of observation about how things work in natural systems, including Aldo Leopold’s observations and insights (many of them chronicled in his now-famous Sand County Almanac…). Leopold broadened ecological thinking from a biology-centered … more

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Precautionary Principle for Marcellus Shale

Health and Environmental Experts: Follow the Precautionary Principle on Natural Gas from the Marcellus Shale Since 2007, Pennsylvania has witnessed a dramatic increase in unconventional development of natural gas from the Marcellus shale formation using high-volume hydraulic fracturing, also called … more

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Signers: Precautionary Principle for Marcellus Shale

Experts working in environmental or health field Patricia T. Bradt, PhD Environmental Science, Muhlenberg College John A. Cigliano, PhD Biology; Cedar Crest College Joseph C. Colosi, PhD Natural Science & Plant Ecology Chrysan Cronin, PhD Biology & Public Health; Muhlenberg … more

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Marcellus Shale – Background

Info from Wikipedia: The Marcellus Formation is a black shale formation found throughout the Allegheny Plateau, running across the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions of New York, in northern and western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, through western Maryland, and throughout most of West Virginia extending across the state line into extreme western Virginia. The Marcellus bedrock … more

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