Contribute Your Ideas to the Envision LV Plan!

This is not an official Envision LV page, but we want to provide a way for you to access the draft plans they are creating and comment on what they got right and what’s missing. The following is from a … more

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Sustainability Is Good Business

Forward thinking companies realize value in providing sustainable, renewable, organic, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, sweatshop free, biodegradable, and locally-produced products and services. In the long run, our steadfast demand for such ethical products will yield greater profits to ethical suppliers. I believe … more

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New nuclear dangers threaten our existence

Jan 6, 2005—On November 21, 2004, Dr. Helen Caldicott (co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility) spoke in Quakertown. She explained how we now face the single greatest threat to world public health: the profound medical, environmental, political and moral consequences … more

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The End of Capitalism, Part 2

Capitalism and Ecological Limits MC: Capitalism has faced many moments of crisis over time. Is there something different about the present crisis? What makes the end of capitalism a possibility now? AK: This is such an important question, and it’s … more

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A Regional Approach To Energy vs. Increasing Power Line Capacity

Statement of the Alliance Energy Group: The Alliance Energy Group opposes the two new major transmission lines proposed for the mid-Atlantic electricity grid, one of which would go through the Lehigh Valley area. Given environmental concerns, peak oil, global climate … more

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