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James Orben: ‘PennEast Pipeline: Coming to a Watershed Near You?’

The PennEast high pressure natural gas pipeline is planned to follow a 105-mile route beginning in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and continuing through Carbon, Northampton, and Bucks Counties. The pipeline is planned to cross the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, the … more

Peter Crownfield: ‘Open Letter to Bethlehem’s Historic Conservation Commission’

To whom it may concern: I am concerned by the willingness of the Historic Conservation Commission to approve development that is not appropriate for SouthSide Bethlehem. This letter is prompted by proposals to build in the area bounded by Third, … more

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Mark Smallwood: ‘It starts with the soil’

Building healthy soil can reverse climate change. We’ve noticed something significant. Reports on climate change from international organizations to agricultural research stations alike have suddenly changed direction. Dire warnings and costly initiatives for slowing it down have given way to … more

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Kevin Easterling: ‘Lehigh Valley King Memorial’

Saturday, May 17th 2014, marked the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling that called for the end of segregation in our public schools. Many feel we have not come far enough toward this … more

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Fox Environmental Center: ‘Transparency in the Face of Attack’

At the Gertrude B. Fox Environmental Center we welcome requests for information and consistently fulfill requests for full disclosure of our activities, governance, and finances. In particular, because we were founded as a student and teacher-led organization, we believe our … more

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Anna Maria Caldara: ‘Protecting Children From Smart Boards’

From Anna Maria Caldara, Bangor PA, April 18, 2014: Are parents of toddlers aware that their children’s pre-school may contain a Smart Board? Installed as the latest learning tool, teachers probably do not realize that Smart Boards emit DNA-damaging radiation. … more

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‘April’, by Sarah Mantz

In 1994, this poem by Sarah Mantz, then a sophomore at Salisbury High School, was selected as a winner in an Earth Day writing contest sponsored by the Lehigh County Office of Solid Waste Management. (Her winning poem was also … more

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‘What’s YOUR vision for a sustainable Valley!?’

Envision Lehigh Valley is making a public outreach to engage the citizens of Northampton and Lehigh Counties and create a plan for a sustainable Lehigh Valley.  This work is a part of a federally-funded three year Sustainable Communities Planning Grant … more

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“Pennsylvanians’ Pledge to Fight Shale Gas Industry Encroachment and Pollution”

From Berks Gas Truth re: Saying No to Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania. Take The Pledge We will fight for our air. We will fight for our water. We will fight for our food. We will fight for our HEALTH. We … more

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Town Hall Wall 4-21-13

Comments posted (almost all are by other exhibiting groups) on the Town Hall Wall featured at the Alliance’s info table, Earth Day on the Greenway, SouthSide Bethlehem, 4-21-13, in response to question: “What Goals Would You Include in a Sustainability … more