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FYI: The News They Don’t Want You to See

A roundup of informative and well-written articles covering points the mainstream media routinely & intentionally ignores, minimizes, or distorts. Industrial Ag Triggers Devastating ‘Web’ of Pollution | Common Dreams – Looking at the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles and their disastrous … more

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Brecht, the Iroquois Confederacy, and You

It seems pretty obvious that we’re on a track that leads to an extremely harsh future.  Can we stop, take stock of where things are headed, and make some serious changes — before it’s too late? Can each of us … more

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Anna Maria Caldara: ‘Power Lines Threaten Lenape Trees’

by Anna Maria Caldara Ratepayers must be convinced that the Susquehanna to Roseland 500kV Electric Transmission Line project is necessary. To that end, JCP& L and PP&L have lobbied President Obama, who has recommended it be “fast-tracked.” Then maybe the … more

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Peter: “Evo Morales – Entering the Pacha, a new beginning”

The looming end of the Mayan long-count calendar has prompted fervid doomsday predictions on the internet, mass arrests in China, and a small tourism boom in southern Mexico. But Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, says the date is the beginning of … more

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Peter: ‘Are Some Children Worth More than Others?’

Do the killings at Sandy Hook school indicate a systemic problem, or are they the work of an individual with mental health problems? I think both are equally true, which means the U.S. needs much better mental health services and … more

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Peter: “COP-Out 18 [UPDATED]“

[See updates below] Our so-called leaders from around the world seem to be incapable of taking the decisive action that is essential. (Maybe we should call it COP-OUT 18‽) Even the World Bank recently issued a report saying the consequences of world inaction … more

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Boksenbaum: ‘The Electoral Tsunami vs Third Parties Options’

With the media-hyped Obama-Romney presidential tsunami washing away everything in its path, it’s hard to know that there are other presidential candidates (there are) whose platforms address vital issues and perspectives, missing from the blitz, that serve well the various … more

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Boksenbaum: ‘Food and Routes to Sustainability’

These comments about food, food-producing systems, and routes to sustainability are made in the spirit of direct and open dialogue Food and food-producing systems are core matters for planning routes to sustainability. There are, however, a number of sticky issues to … more

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FYI: International FairTrade seal debuts in U.S.

Long-standing Fair Traders as well as companies completely new to Fairtrade are among those who have signed up to use the international FairTrade Mark in the US. (In the past, products in the USA adhered to international standards but used … more

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Greedheads & Natural Resources

What do coal, gold, & natural gas have in common? Or water, petroleum, & uranium? They are all natural resources that mining and other resource-extraction companies take from the ground and sell to others. It seems to be a common pattern for these … more

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