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Suzie Hall Rosse: ‘Standing Rock Protector statements’

Suzie Hall Rosse, posted in Lehigh Valley Activism Network on November 27, 2016: Today I saw a video of some representatives of the many tribes taking part in Standing Rock Water Protection. The day before yesterday, Friday, a letter was … more

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Peter’s Blog: ‘Vicious police attack at Standing Rock’

Last night, with temperatures below freezing, police attacked water protectors at Standing Rock with water cannons and stun grenades. Law enforcement officers are supposed to uphold the law — not commit crimes on behalf of a pipeline company that is … more

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fyi: “Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day”

Following up on the previous post about Standing Rock, suggestions have expanded to the rapidly-growing movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day: The movement to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day is spreading rapidly What Is Indigenous People’s Day? More … more

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Peter’s Blog: ‘Standing Rock – Rethinking All Our Values’

Thousands of people from over 200 other indigenous nations have joined the Standing Rock Sioux — as have thousands of non-indigenous supporters. The largest camp, Oceti Sakewin, now has several thousand people; the smaller Sacred Stone encampment is slightly smaller. … more

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fyi: No to auctioning off public lands for their fossil fuels

From Friends of the Earth, 9/8/16: In the last year, President Obama has auctioned off tens of thousands of acres of public lands and waters to Fossil Fuel Empires. On September 20th, he’s planning to auction off more than 4,000 … more

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fyi: “The fight to stop the Dakota Access pipeline”

1) From CREDO Blog, 9/8/16: It’s incredible. In just a few days, more than 210,000 CREDO members have signed our petition demanding that President Obama intervene and stop the Dakota Access pipeline once and for all. Hundreds of CREDO members … more

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fyi: Time to Take on Factory Farming

From Organic Bytes, published by the Organic Consumers Association, 9/8/16: The Lynchpin of It All After a decade of exposing and demonizing Monsanto and genetically engineered foods, including an intense four-year battle to force mandatory labeling of GMOs (a battle … more

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Peter: ‘Warning: Radiation from mobile phones’

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation when in use. Several studies have pointed out a higher risk of brain tumors and other health problems. At least 6 countries have issued warnings — but the FCC has not updated its standards for … more

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Peter: ‘Bearing the Cross’, by Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges wrote the following after attending the funeral of Daniel Berrigan: Bearing the Cross by Chris Hedges NEW YORK—I arrived early Friday morning, after walking through the rain, at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Greenwich Village for the … more

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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘A Re-Imagining of Passover’s Four Questions’

I’d written “A Re-Imagining of Passover’s Four Questions” and wanted to post it here, but I decided to check first with some of my Jewish friends about whether they thought it was offensive. It was supposed to be generally thought-provoking, … more

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