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Forum: “School Property Tax”

Gabriel Arroyo wants to call our attention to HB 76 & SB 76, The Property Tax Independence Act, asking us to read info from the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition: 1) PTCC Update July 08, 2013 “There is no ‘Holy Grail’ … more

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FYI: Whistleblowers for democracy [UPDATED]

The mainstream media seem to parrot the government line that whistleblowers are a threat to national security. [In reality, they are only a threat to the corrupt officials who are the real threat to our nation.] Why the Ruling Class … more

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FYI: Capitalism, Financialism, & Democracy

Here are some recent news articles and blog posts that are ‘must read’ if you’re concerned about the extent to which unregulated capitalism & financialization of the economy are strongly anti-democratic: The Next American Revolution Has Already Begun (interview with … more

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Boston & ‘the Muslim exception’ to the Bill of Rights

A lot has been written about the Boston bombings, the Tsarnaev brothers, and the way the case was handled.  I don’t want to add to that, but here are links to some of the more insightful articles, along with a … more

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Good News (UPDATED)

Here are a few news articles that report positive developments, starting with an article by Frances Moore Lappé on why it’s important to share stories like this…. Why Sharing News About Solutions Is a Revolutionary Act | YES! Magazine Food … more

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Town Hall Wall 4-21-13

Comments posted (almost all are by other exhibiting groups) on the Town Hall Wall featured at the Alliance’s info table, Earth Day on the Greenway, SouthSide Bethlehem, 4-21-13, in response to question: “What Goals Would You Include in a Sustainability … more

Town Hall Wall 4-19-13

Comments posted (almost all are by other exhibiting groups) on the Town Hall Wall featured at the Alliance’s info table, Muhlenberg College, Earth Day, 4-19-13, in response to question: “What Goals Would You Include in a Sustainability Blueprint for the Lehigh … more

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FYI: The News They Don’t Want You to See

A roundup of informative and well-written articles covering points the mainstream media routinely & intentionally ignores, minimizes, or distorts. Industrial Ag Triggers Devastating ‘Web’ of Pollution | Common Dreams – Looking at the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles and their disastrous … more

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Brecht, the Iroquois Confederacy, and You

It seems pretty obvious that we’re on a track that leads to an extremely harsh future.  Can we stop, take stock of where things are headed, and make some serious changes — before it’s too late? Can each of us … more

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Anna Maria Caldara: ‘Power Lines Threaten Lenape Trees’

by Anna Maria Caldara Ratepayers must be convinced that the Susquehanna to Roseland 500kV Electric Transmission Line project is necessary. To that end, JCP& L and PP&L have lobbied President Obama, who has recommended it be “fast-tracked.” Then maybe the … more

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