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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Climatezilla meets Pogo and Charlie Brown on Earth Day’

Earth Day. Mother Earth Day. Well, Earth begat us. We exist on it. We are of it, shaped by it. It nurtures us, provides for our needs, sustains us. It would be a flight of fancy to think we could … more

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Anna Maria Caldara: ‘Protecting Children From Smart Boards’

From Anna Maria Caldara, Bangor PA, April 18, 2014: Are parents of toddlers aware that their children’s pre-school may contain a Smart Board? Installed as the latest learning tool, teachers probably do not realize that Smart Boards emit DNA-damaging radiation. … more

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‘April’, by Sarah Mantz

In 1994, this poem by Sarah Mantz, then a sophomore at Salisbury High School, was selected as a winner in an Earth Day writing contest sponsored by the Lehigh County Office of Solid Waste Management. (Her winning poem was also … more

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‘What’s YOUR vision for a sustainable Valley!?’

Envision Lehigh Valley is making a public outreach to engage the citizens of Northampton and Lehigh Counties and create a plan for a sustainable Lehigh Valley.  This work is a part of a federally-funded three year Sustainable Communities Planning Grant … more

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FYI: Corbett Cancels School Visit to Escape Student Protest

Corbett canceled a visit to a Philly school when he learned that there would be a student protest over his education cuts.  The story made regional print & TV news and even went a href=”″national, with many outlets reprinting the … more

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Boksenbaum: ‘Climate-System Crisis: Taking Action’

Isn’t it time us folks in the sustainability movement here in the Lehigh Valley were getting our heads — and our act — together on bringing about the needed actions to address the Climate-System Crisis head on? You are hereby invited … more

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Boksenbaum: ‘Knock, knock!’

Who’s that knocking at my door on January 4, 2014, this day of perihelion 2014? Whipping around the Sun so fast on this old Earth of ours it should knock our socks off. 67,800 mph, about. But it doesn’t knock … more

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FYI: Tom Ulrich re: ‘Economic & Political Inequality’

From Tom Ulrich, 12/7/13: We the People Monthly Progressive Update – December 2013 Economic and political inequality still a big problem in the United States! Information to use and share! “The Facts Are in: Austerity Politics Doesn’t Work” – HERE! … more

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FYI: Climate Crisis Updates

A few recent articles that may help to bring global warming & the climate crisis home: Bigger Than That: (The Difficulty of) Looking at Climate Change, by Rebecca Solnit | Truthout Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction | … more

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FYI: F**cking Pennsylvania

The headline actually refers to Fracking, which is obscene in more ways than the other F-word.  Here are a few updates on the quantities of radioactive materials being released into our environment, a look at the corruption created by fracking … more

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