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Barnaby Ruhe: ‘Ban Fracking Locally’

From Barnaby Ruhe, 5/9/2012:

only local action is going to happen, folks.

and probably only mothers’ actions with pots and pans.

someone has to stop the imminent destruction for the children.

that it is a clear violation of fundamental rights, the frack takeover of local government!! as well as the dangers they are ameliorating and mitigating with ‘best management practices’ and very half assed regs that only are in place to prevent lawsuits from draining profits.

that’s right, the DEP is a set up team for the Frack Lawyers for the upcoming Class Action suits in about 7 years when the irreparable devastation has hit half the state of Pennsylvania. the DEP regs are ONLY positioned so Frackers can dodge paying damages or even cleaning up! “we were following the regs you can’t touch us”

Thanks to KKKrancer their FrackLitigationLawyer turned great protector of the environment and the people of Pennsylvania. not.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Ben Price <benprice@celdf.org>
Date: Wed, May 9, 2012 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Ban Fracking Locally – conference follow-up


Thank you for attending the Ban Fracking at the Local Level conference in Wilkes-Barre last week. We hope you found it valuable and that you’re working toward local organizing in your community. We’d love to hear from with with comments, suggestions and feedback.

New York municipalities are being hammered by industry attempts at intimidation, misinformation and scare tactics. There is no doubt the corporate honchos plan to either overturn the Dryden and Middlefield court decisions, or have them made moot with new legislation to preempt local exclusionary zoning to prohibit fracking. Whether or not they succeed, it makes sense for local governments to be prepared. Some are working to adopt local exclusionary zoning ordinances AND community bills of rights banning fracking. Their idea is to include language in the zoning law that activates the local bill of rights if and when the state court or legislature takes away local home rule zoning authority. CELDF continues to be available to prepare the community rights ordinance and the language for insertion into the zoning ordinance for you and your community, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

The simple, central idea behind Community Rights Bans on Fracking is that corporate activities that violate the rights of human and natural communities are by definition criminal, and may therefore be legitimately prohibited. Conversely, state laws or courts that allow corporations to be used to violate rights are, by definition, acting illegally and illegitimately.

The struggle for community rights won’t be won overnight, or in a single court case. And so it’s important that each one of us take seriously our social obligations and begin without delay to assert and enforce fundamental rights in the communities where we live.

In solidarity,
Ben Price
CELDF Projects Director

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One Response to Barnaby Ruhe: ‘Ban Fracking Locally’

  1. Dave Leibert says:

    Fracking sucks.

    It takes a lot of energy to keep printing money although not a lot of people get this relationship.

    Growth economy=more money every year=more energy use required every year

    The energy is used for all of the stuff that the new money is created for like cars, houses, planes, military junkets and hardware, roads, factories, TVs, blah blah blah. “Growth”.

    The real trick would be to switch to a no growth economy then you wouldn’t have to keep looking for more energy in forms like fracked methane.

    OK . Back to fracking. I just spent some time in Vermont. There was legislation proposed to ban fracking in the state. I saw recently that it passed the assembly and is waiting to be adopted into law

    Editor: More information on Vermont’s action

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