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Censorship – by Amazon & Google

I’ve noticed before that certain films do not show up in some searches, especially those about Palestine or critical of the neo-fascists in the government of Ukraine. Even films such as Where Shall the Birds Fly?, which had an astonishing … more

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Peter: ‘Campus Food — look at Toronto’s example’

I think these schools have a way to go, but they’re still doing a lot better than most colleges & universities in the U.S. NOW 2 August 2017   Where to find healthy and local food options at eight Toronto … more

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Synthetic Turf update [August 2017]

Tug McGraw. John Vukovich. Johnny Oates. And now Darren Daulton—that’s 4 Phillies who have succumbed to brain cancer that may be connected to playing on artificial turf at Veterans Stadium. Phillies Unnerved by Possible Brain Cancer Pattern After Darren Daulton … more

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Peter: ‘Charlottesville — for Teachers”

I have heard quite a few people say they are amazed that something like the events in Charlottesville could happen here, ‘happen in America’. The stream of violence—often police violence—directed at Black people, Latinos, and Indigenous people is not new, … more

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Coming Soon—A Guide for Teaching About the Food System

Student interns are working with Peter Crownfield to complete a guide and resources for teaching about the food system in the classroom.  The guide is designed for K-12 teachers & students, and will include a guide to the history of our current … more

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Dan Poresky: “Wanted: People hot over climate change”

I’ve got an out-of-the-box idea for how to mobilize public opinion to force congress to get serious about climate change. I’m looking for a few collaborators to develop the idea and then, working together (with the same or new people), … more

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Interdisciplinary Teaching on Climate & Calculating Your School’s GHG Emissions

by Megan Arnold and Peter Crownfield Climate change is in the news, and we’ve seen a huge marches for science and for climate action. In many schools, though, global warming and climate change have been largely ignored, except for brief … more

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Peter’s blog: “Trump’s New Travel Ban”

The wording of the new ban is designed to slip past some of the problems that made the first ban so clearly unconstitutional. But it’s still stupid.  Just look at this recap: Note: This was published online, and I have … more

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fyi: “Extending voting rights to non-citizens”

Yes! Magazine reports that San Francisco recently joined the list of jurisdictions where non-citizens can vote: … San Francisco is one of the latest jurisdictions to expand voting rights to noncitizens. Others include Chicago, which grants all parents the right … more

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Peter’s blog: “Standing Rock: attacks by ‘law enforcement’ are shameful”

Law enforcement officers swear an oath to uphold the law, which includes the Constitution, aka ‘the Supreme Law of the Land’. Why then are they so willing to break the law by attacking people exercising their Constitutional rights? According to … more

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