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My internship with the Alliance for Sustainable Communities has helped me realize a lot about myself throughout the semester. It has given me opportunities to challenge myself, learn new skills, and apply my own work ethic and knowledge in a … more

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All About Endocrine Disruptors

by Molly Majewicz As consumers, it is important for us to be aware of the types of chemicals or ingredients that are in our common household products. Endocrine disruptors are synthetic chemicals that have harmful effects on the endocrine system—this … more

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New Green Hound Move Out

Beginning this spring, Moravian College will be hosting an end-of-the-year collection program for students to donate clothing, food, and household items. Much like a similar program at Lehigh University, Moravian’s “Green Hound Move Out” program is directed towards students returning … more

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All-Natural Replacements for Skin Care Products

By Molly Majewicz As someone who has struggled with acne for years, I have tried almost every single product on the market, from over-the-counter cosmetics to prescriptions, and even the as-seen-on-TV products like ProActiv or EpiDuo. Last summer, I made … more

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Reactions to the 2016 SRSJ Conference

By Molly Majewicz As a first-time attendee of the Social Research Social Justice Conference at Muhlenberg College, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first session I attended focused on fat-shaming and body image; the second session I attended focused … more

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Banning Styrofoam in the Lehigh Valley

Over the past few years, several cities have banned the use of styrofoam products. Last year, DART Industries claimed recycling was achievable and safe, and the ban was postponded in New York City. On February 29, 2016, Eric Goldstein wrote a blog … more

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Teach Our Children Well: Bringing Sustainability into Grade School

By Molly Majewicz Right now, we are in limbo between two large, LVAIC-wide events: the sustainability conference and the Social Research Social Justice Conference that will be held this coming Friday. It is the perfect time to recognize how well … more

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LVAIC Campus Sustainability Conference 2016

I’d first like to start with a brief welcome to The Interns’ Corner, a place where interns working for the Alliance can post about relevant and interesting sustainability related topics. Look for more posts to come! Last weekend I had … more

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Synthetic Turf Q & A

A number of questions arise when people are considering synthetic turf or synthetic playground surfaces or running tracks. Some of the most common concern health & safety claims, other health concerns, cost, and feasibility for high-use fields. (For additional information, … more

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Peter: COP-21 News Recap

If you’ve been following the Moravian College at the UNFCCC blog, you know by now that a historic agreement was finally reached in Paris this Saturday.  It is historic in that 180 nations made pledges to take steps to reduce … more

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