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Open Letter to Anyone Considering Synthetic Turf (March 2015)

[Updated March 18, 2015] The following open letter is prompted by several stories in the Express-Timesand Morning Call reporting that almost all of our high schools already have synthetic turf fields (as do most colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley)—and the few … more

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Essays from Sustainable Lehigh Valley 2016


Peter: COP-21 News Recap

If you’ve been following the Moravian College at the UNFCCC blog, you know by now that a historic agreement was finally reached in Paris this Saturday.  It is historic in that 180 nations made pledges to take steps to reduce … more

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Quotes from the home page

posted 2/6/16: “Where was I going to draw the line [between beings it was okay and not okay to kill]? Mammals, fish, insects, plants, plankton, bacteria? If ‘what’ became ‘who’, then what would be left to eat? I have my … more

Cross-curriculum integration

As part of the schools initiative, we’re posting this preliminary list of thoughts on implementing climate-related activities in various subject areas: Below are some ideas that can serve as a starting point — they’re not intended as actual classroom activities … more

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Resources for the Climate & Sustainability in School project

Resources for the Climate & Sustainability in School project Following is a partial list of resources we think are useful in exploring ways to improve coverage of sustainability concerns in K–12 schools. — Teaching Activities & Lessons — The Zinn … more

Climate & Schools Initiative

This project will explore ways to integrate climate & sustainability in school, with a focus on student-centered, inquiry-based learning. (This is still in the planning stages, so this is a preliminary description.) Initially, we will look at ways that teachers can … more

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Synthetic Turf Update – More reasons for concern!

Since we first raised concerns last winter, new reports have confirmed the presence of multiple carcinogens in crumb rubber infill — and that annual costs for artificial turf are much higher than for natural turf. Carcinogens — A June 2015 Yale … more

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Synthetic Turf Update

January 2016 – More reports & news coverage: Cancer list Keeps Growing |  EHHI NBC News coverage (October 2015): Mom of Goalie Who Died of Cancer Wants Answers on Artificial Turf NBC News’ original investigation on this story (2014) Senators … more

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Peter’s blog

Thoughts and observations by Peter Crownfield, one of the founding members of the Alliance.

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