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Communities of the Sustainability Commons

A variety of work groups & communities have formed in the Sustainability Commons, including a few private groups. Following is a list of active Sustainability Commons communities; to learn more about a community, contact the moderator or a commons administrator. … more

Fair Trade links & resources

Reliable sources for information on authentic Fair Trade NEW The History of Fair Trade Buying and Selling– Good recap of the history & principles of Fair Trade, plus several valuable links for more information. [January 2018] Reports & News Stories: … more

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Sustainability assessments for major projects

Summer 2018 We will explore the need for sustainability impact assessments — climate, environmental, health, & community impacts — as part of the planning process and do an assessment for a specific major project. This type of assessment is not … more

Community Planning for Resilience & Sustainability

Communities need to plan for resilience both to short-term disruption resulting from storms and other major events, as well as  to long-term sustainability concerns, including the effects of global warming and climate change. (Resilience is often thought of as the … more

Community Health in the Lehigh Valley

by Jacqline Wolf Tice C.E.A. Winslow, the 20th-century “founder” of the modern public health movement, famously described public health as, “the science and the art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical health and mental health and efficiency through … more

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Interdisciplinary Teaching on Climate & Calculating Your School’s GHG Emissions

by Megan Arnold and Peter Crownfield Climate change is in the news, and we’ve seen a huge marches for science and for climate action. In many schools, though, global warming and climate change have been largely ignored, except for brief … more

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Seeking Common Ground: An Environmental Scientist Turns to Fiction Writing

by Kate Brandes I’ve worked most of my twenty-five-year career, not as a writer, but as an environmental scientist. One of my first memories at age four is of the magnolia tree outside the shabby apartment complex on the outskirts … more

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Growing and Cultivating Successful New Farmers

by Heidi Secord & Gary Bloss In a recent discussion with experienced direct market farmers we asked ourselves how we and the communities we serve can encourage the next generation of farmers; and how new and beginner farmers can identify … more

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Renewable Energy vs. Fracking & Pipelines

by Tara Zrinski In the years that I have been part of the active opposition to the PennEast Pipeline and fracking in Pennsylvania as local organizer for Food and Water Watch and through Pennsylvania Voters Against Fracking, I have seen … more

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Teamwork for Sustainable Objectives

by Claire France Tried and true, teamwork makes the dream work. A recent visit to the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed this cliché for me and applied it to the world of working towards sustainability. I recently participated in my university’s … more

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