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Disruption of Ecology & Health

The current system is based primarily on economic factors, and the impacts on ecological systems & environmental health externalized (excluded from the economic costs). Endocrine Disruptors

The best argument can’t always win

by Sarabeth Brockley But does arguing at least get us somewhere? To test this, a group of students at Lehigh University staged an information stake-out in the center of the campus on Friday night with an objective: invite their peers … more

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William Rivers Pitt, via pkc: ‘The Lost, Lingering Legacy of RFK’

I remember when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, and it was another dark moment in 1968, following the assassination of MLK a couple of months earlier. Much of the hope he inspired has been laid to waste. Some of you who … more

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Resources on Action Research

Thanks to Moravian College students Brianne Schoolcraft ’15 & Christopher Ossont ’15 for compiling these resources! Action Research This page offers a helpful look at the definition and origin of Action Research, as well as an overview of the … more

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‘April’, by Sarah Mantz

In 1994, this poem by Sarah Mantz, then a sophomore at Salisbury High School, was selected as a winner in an Earth Day writing contest sponsored by the Lehigh County Office of Solid Waste Management. (Her winning poem was also … more

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Essays from Sustainable Lehigh Valley 2014

Climate Action, Structure, Power , by Martin Boksenbaum Creating a Local Climate for Community Conversation and Action, 
by Diane Husic The Legal Alien, 
by Ida Halleröd Sharing My Grandfather’s Tale, 
by Dick Lane Empowerment and Engagement for Sustainability and Climate … more

Sustainability Tracking & Assessment

The STARS [Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System] developed by AASHE uses a detailed checklist to rate campuses in each of the following areas [based on STARS 2.0]: Education & Research Curriculum: It is important for institutions to have education programs … more

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Elements of Campus Sustainability

There are many inter-related and interdependent factors that contribute to campus sustainability.  This section looks at two ways to organize the different aspects of sustainability for campuses. The Sustainable Learning Community: One University’s Journey to the Future, outlines four interdependent … more

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(Primary, Elementary, & Secondary) This is a starting point for finding information & resources related to schools, including education-sustainability connections. This section is still under development, but currently covers several key areas, including the following: Bethlehem Area School District’s Climate … more

Envision LV – Education

Use the comments feature on this page to add your thoughts on Education as it affects plans for a sustainable Lehigh Valley. Envision LV does not have a draft report on Education, although other components of the plan may cover … more

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