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Website comments

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fyi: “Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day”

Following up on the previous post about Standing Rock, suggestions have expanded to the rapidly-growing movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day: The movement to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day is spreading rapidly What Is Indigenous People’s Day? More … more

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Indigenous People and their role in the Americas

Content in preparation (including discussion of Columbus Day & Indigenous Peoples’ Day)  

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Editing & Publishing (Spring 2017)

Help publish the 2017 edition of the Alliance’s annual Sustainable Lehigh Valley booklet, an important outreach to the general public. Update content, edit essays and other written material, contact organizations as needed to gather infor­ma­tion, and learn to lay out … more

Peter’s Blog: ‘Standing Rock – Rethinking All Our Values’

Thousands of people from over 200 other indigenous nations have joined the Standing Rock Sioux — as have thousands of non-indigenous supporters. The largest camp, Oceti Sakewin, now has several thousand people; the smaller Sacred Stone encampment is slightly smaller. … more

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Often thought of as a weed, dandelions are also a rich food source. The common dandelion has bright yellow flowers, greens, and a taproot. Dandelions are though to have originated in central Asia but now occurs naturally throughout the world. … more


The taproot is the most commonly used food from carrots, and while most of these are orange in color, black, purple, red, white, and yellow carrots are also cultivated. Carrots originated thousands of years ago in southwestern Asia and Europe, … more

Mango food facts

Mangoes are a tree-born fruit common to warm & tropical regions. (Many varieties grow wild in these climates.) Originated in southern Asia Harvest season in the LV: n/a Growing conditions: Frost-free climate. Like apples, mango trees often do not breed … more

Nut – food facts

Nuts are hard-shelled fruit of certain trees, including acorns (oak tree), cashews, chestnuts, and filberts or hazelnuts. Almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios, & walnuts are generally considered nuts, although they are not true nuts. Peanuts are also thought of as … more

Peanut – food facts

Peanuts have been grown for thousands of years, but are legumes, not true nuts. Peanuts grow on relatively small flowering plants, with the nut itself growing on a small tendril that drops into the soil. They eaten as a food … more