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Peter Crownfield: Health Concerns with Artificial Turf

This post is prompted by an article in the Express-Times reporting that the Bethlehem Area School District is considering replacement of the artificial turf at Liberty HS and is also considering future installations at Freedom HS & Nitschmann MS.1 Other … more

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Is explosive crude oil traveling through your community?

Trainloads of crude oil from the Bakken shale in ND do pass through the Valley — and these trains travel through the center of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, often right next to the Lehigh River. This raises major safety concerns and … more

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Peter Crownfield: ‘Styrofoam Containers & Plastic Bags’

People in the U.S. and around the world use billions of plastic containers, utensils, & bags every year. Do we really need these ‘conveniences’? The processes of manufacturing styrene & styrene foam releases thousands of tons of ozone into the … more

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Peter Crownfield: ‘PennEast Pipeline – a threat to communities’

On Thursday, November 20, Nurture Nature Center held a program on ‘Pipeline Science: Environmental Considerations for Communities’. Presentations by Dr. Dru Germanoski, Professor of Geology at Lafayette College, and Mark Gallagher, consultant with Princeton Hydro, outlined the risks presented by … more

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Resources for better schools & learning

A few resources for those with a real interest in education, learning, and schools—but note that these are only a few of the many resources we have! A School Centered on Children & Learning — the Prospect School The Bigness … more

Climate and Sustainability Commitment – Fact Sheets

Following is a list of fact sheets developed while exploring recommendations for action under the Climate and Sustainability Commitment adopted by the Bethlehem Area School District. Each fact sheet contains a description of the topic or proposal, information on its … more

Peter Crownfield: ‘Open Letter to Bethlehem’s Historic Conservation Commission’

To whom it may concern: I am concerned by the willingness of the Historic Conservation Commission to approve development that is not appropriate for SouthSide Bethlehem. This letter is prompted by proposals to build in the area bounded by Third, … more

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Food & Health – Research citations

References [updated December 2014] [Citations that include a filename (ending in .pdf) indicate that we have the PDF of that study – contact Peter Crownfield for more information] Altieri, M. “Enhanced Pest Management Through Soil Health: Toward a Belowground Habitat Management … more

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Action Research

Action research, sometimes called participatory action research, has great potential for improving professional practice in many fields. As the Action Research Network of the Americas [ARNA] puts it: Action research involves inquiry into areas of concern or challenge facing communities and … more

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School District Climate & Sustainability Commitment

Climate and Sustainability Commitment (As adopted by the Bethlehem Area School District, 28 April 2014) “Changes to Pennsylvania’s climate are happening now. While there is uncertainty as to the extent and timing of these impacts, it is undeniable that action … more

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