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Voices of the Valley: ‘What’s YOUR vision for a sustainable Valley!?’

Envision Lehigh Valley is making a public outreach to engage the citizens of Northampton and Lehigh Counties and create a plan for a sustainable Lehigh Valley.  This work is a part of a federally-funded three year Sustainable Communities Planning Grant … more

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Education & sustainability

Education and schools have important connections to becoming more sustainable. Schools need to: Model sustainability in their facilities and operations, reducing greenhouse gas emissions [GHG] and minimizing environmental & health impacts. Teach about sustainable living and develop students who are … more

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FYI: Corbett Cancels School Visit to Escape Student Protest

Corbett canceled a visit to a Philly school when he learned that there would be a student protest over his education cuts.  The story made regional print & TV news and even went a href=”″national, with many outlets reprinting the … more

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Community Engagement

Here are some initial thoughts on the community engagement process: Government agencies frequently accept public comment on proposed plans or projects, but the primary purpose is often only to fulfill a legal requirement. Members of the community often do not … more

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FYI: Climate Crisis Updates

A few recent articles that may help to bring global warming & the climate crisis home: Bigger Than That: (The Difficulty of) Looking at Climate Change, by Rebecca Solnit | Truthout Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction | … more

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FYI: F**cking Pennsylvania

The headline actually refers to Fracking, which is obscene in more ways than the other F-word.  Here are a few updates on the quantities of radioactive materials being released into our environment, a look at the corruption created by fracking … more

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FYI: ‘Stuff, Wealth, and the End of Democracy’

An economy based on expansion and consumerism is destructive to humanity and the planet’s environmental health, and the greed that drives globalization and capitalism is also driving the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, yet another ‘free trade agreement’ that has a little … more

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FYI: Whistleblowers, Warrior Cops, and the Growing Security State

Recent articles depicting increasingly invasive & authoritarian practices of the government, including violent & militarized local police forces: 10 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Obama’s Security State, by Juan Cole – Reader Supported News, August 2013 Manning Defense Exposes … more

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FYI: Corporate Killers

Informative articles that look at how the right to earn profits has overturned the basic legal principle that your rights end when you harm others. Mankind: Death by Corporation, by Dr. Brian Moench – Truthout, 26 June 2013 Death by Corporation, Part II: … more

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Reports, Posters, & Articles by Interns

Internship Projects The following reports, articles, and posters were prepared by students as part of their internship work: Beyond Recycling: A Call to Institutionalize Sustainability at Moravian College (June 2013), by Garth Denton-Borhaug [Moravian '13]. Internship: Campus Sustainability [includes attachments; file … more