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Boksenbaum: ‘Climate-System Crisis: Taking Action’

Isn’t it time us folks in the sustainability movement here in the Lehigh Valley were getting our heads — and our act — together on bringing about the needed actions to address the Climate-System Crisis head on? You are hereby invited … more

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Upper Mt Bethel Twp

Community Bill of Rights efforts: From: Express-Times – Monday, 6 January 2014 Upper Mount Bethel Township supervisors to hear argument for community bill of rights by Lynn Ondrusek Residents pushing for a community bill of rights in Upper Mount Bethel … more

Boksenbaum: ‘Knock, knock!’

Who’s that knocking at my door on January 4, 2014, this day of perihelion 2014? Whipping around the Sun so fast on this old Earth of ours it should knock our socks off. 67,800 mph, about. But it doesn’t knock … more

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Common to all efforts seeking change is the need to engage people. People are needed to work on projects and actions or otherwise see that those efforts are carried out effectively and successfully. What kind of participation? That is, are … more


John Hoskyns-Abrahall talked with Faramarz Farbod and David Brennan on 12/10/2013 about Neoliberalism on Berks County TV, as the December offering in the monthly call-in series titled Centering On Peace. See the video.

What is capitalism?

We are currently working on this in the Beyond Capitalism Study Group. Contact Faramarz Farbod for more information.

Social Justice

Creating Dialogue: College Students Thinking Outside the Box From Social Research Social Justice (SRSJ), 11/21/13: Call for papers to the 11th Annual LVAIC Social Research Social Justice Undergraduate Conference, April 3-4, 2014, being held at Muhlenberg College The Social Research Social … more

Beyond Capitalism

Taking the lead from Gar Alperovitz’s America Beyond Capitalism (2005, revised 2011), we here consider the notion that the current system is at fault, and that “a solution would ultimately require the development of a new system. For most Americans … more

FYI: Tom Ulrich re: ‘Economic & Political Inequality’

From Tom Ulrich, 12/7/13: We the People Monthly Progressive Update – December 2013 Economic and political inequality still a big problem in the United States! Information to use and share! “The Facts Are in: Austerity Politics Doesn’t Work” – HERE! … more

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SouthSide Bethlehem: The Maze Garden (1996-2013)

From John Pettegrew, November 18, 2013: November 19, 2013, marks the seventeenth anniversary of the Maze Garden in Bethlehem’s south side. It also happens to be the day that the City Council will vote on an agreement of sale of … more