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Raw Milk

2016: Raw Milk – Battling Criminalization 1- Update: Court Hearing Results in the Amos Miller case: From Amos Miller on Jun 30, 2016 at 9:55am: Some of you may be wondering what the results of last week’s hearing were so … more

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Cucumbers are thought to be one of the oldest cultivated crops, first domesticated in the northern plains of India about 3,000 years ago; they are now grown all over the world, including locally in the Lehigh Valley. Cucumbers are one … more

Peppers (Bell, Green, Sweet)

Peppers grow on compact erect shrubs 1½ to 2 feet tall. Botanically speaking, they are the fruit of the plant. Native to South and Central America, they can be grown in a variety of climates. Bell peppers come in various … more

Avocado – food facts

The avocado we eat is a tree fruit that grows in subtropical areas . (Botanically, it’s a large berry containing a single seed.) The avocados we eat are not grown locally, but are imported, usually from Mexico. They are also grown … more

Latin America

LEPOCO Presentations on Latin America: 5/31/16 – Protecting Refugee Rights in the Dominican Republic 6/22/16 – The Current Situation in Brazil

Martin Boksenbaum: ‘A Re-Imagining of Passover’s Four Questions’

I’d written “A Re-Imagining of Passover’s Four Questions” and wanted to post it here, but I decided to check first with some of my Jewish friends about whether they thought it was offensive. It was supposed to be generally thought-provoking, … more

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Middle East

Politics of the Middle East Instructor: Faramarz Farbod Eight 2-hr evening sessions (6-8pm) 1st & 3rd Thursdays Location: PPHAC building, Moravian College, Room: 301 Starting April 21, 2016. The course is free, but, for the classes to be cohesive and … more

Sustainability Doings: November 27, 2015 – “Best/Worst of Times?”

A time to celebrate. A time to mourn. President Obama announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline on November 6. Calls to celebrate the victory are in from; Sierra Club; CREDO Action; Berks Gas Truth; NRDC; and others. … more

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Robert Aptaker

Skills and services: Leads workshops on edible wild plant identification and on identifying and collecting fungi (wild mushrooms); Offers presentations to schools libraries, museums, and scout groups about pre-colonial Native American life and culture; Storyteller – shares traditional tales from … more

Tom Moroz

Active with the Sustainability Commons and Lehigh Valley Impact Hub start-up. [page under construction]