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Multi-Day Gatherings

Events which span several days, often outside the Lehigh Valley but relevant for our work here. Includes conferences and protests. July 31-August 3, 2014: Global Exchange Gathering: Building Community Resilience Around the World – Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel, Rhode Island … more

Sustainability Doings on File: June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 – Sustainability Doings – “Transitions U?” [Note: links to dated events are not provided.] Reading Sustainability Doings is revolutionary activity . . . because it’s about doing sustainable things collaboratively! Given our society and its tendency to … more


Neighborhood Groups: Allentown’s website (accessed in June 2014) lists 35 neighborhood groups. Twenty-seven of them list a contact person, 19 have regularly scheduled meetings, and 9 have published at least one newsletter. The Neighborhood Coordinator is Phyllis Alexander.

TU Locations

Possible locations for Transition U educational opportunities (May 2014): Lorna Midgelow continues to focus on Northampton Community College. Martin has several he’s working on: Community Exchange/School of Nursing facility in Allentown: has spoken with Steve Hoog (who teaches his Edible … more

Transitions U

An “educational” approach to be made accessible to people and organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley for learning, exploring, and mastering both the skills and the thinking needed for getting away from the current dysfunctional system we live in to a … more

Mark Smallwood: ‘It starts with the soil’

Building healthy soil can reverse climate change. We’ve noticed something significant. Reports on climate change from international organizations to agricultural research stations alike have suddenly changed direction. Dire warnings and costly initiatives for slowing it down have given way to … more

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Kevin Easterling: ‘Lehigh Valley King Memorial’

Saturday, May 17th 2014, marked the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling that called for the end of segregation in our public schools. Many feel we have not come far enough toward this … more

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Gertrude B. Fox Environmental Center: ‘Transparency in the Face of Attack’

At the Gertrude B. Fox Environmental Center we welcome requests for information and consistently fulfill requests for full disclosure of our activities, governance, and finances. In particular, because we were founded as a student and teacher-led organization, we believe our … more

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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Climatezilla meets Pogo and Charlie Brown on Earth Day’

Earth Day. Mother Earth Day. Well, Earth begat us. We exist on it. We are of it, shaped by it. It nurtures us, provides for our needs, sustains us. It would be a flight of fancy to think we could … more

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Boksenbaum: ‘Climate-System Crisis: Taking Action’

Isn’t it time us folks in the sustainability movement here in the Lehigh Valley were getting our heads — and our act — together on bringing about the needed actions to address the Climate-System Crisis head on? You are hereby invited … more

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