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Latin America

LEPOCO Presentations on Latin America: 5/31/16 – Protecting Refugee Rights in the Dominican Republic 6/22/16 – The Current Situation in Brazil

Martin Boksenbaum: ‘A Re-Imagining of Passover’s Four Questions’

I’d written “A Re-Imagining of Passover’s Four Questions” and wanted to post it here, but I decided to check first with some of my Jewish friends about whether they thought it was offensive. It was supposed to be generally thought-provoking, … more

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Middle East

Politics of the Middle East Instructor: Faramarz Farbod Eight 2-hr evening sessions (6-8pm) 1st & 3rd Thursdays Location: PPHAC building, Moravian College, Room: 301 Starting April 21, 2016. The course is free, but, for the classes to be cohesive and … more

Sustainability Doings: November 27, 2015 – “Best/Worst of Times?”

A time to celebrate. A time to mourn. President Obama announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline on November 6. Calls to celebrate the victory are in from; Sierra Club; CREDO Action; Berks Gas Truth; NRDC; and others. … more

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Robert Aptaker

Skills and services: Leads workshops on edible wild plant identification and on identifying and collecting fungi (wild mushrooms); Offers presentations to schools libraries, museums, and scout groups about pre-colonial Native American life and culture; Storyteller – shares traditional tales from … more

Tom Moroz

Active with the Sustainability Commons and Lehigh Valley Impact Hub start-up. [page under construction]

Iran Agreement

From Faramarz Farbod*, I have provided a summary of a 8/12 Conference Call about the Iran Agreement organized by the United for Peace and Justice organization on the Iran Agreement meant to aid activists engaged in ensuring that the Congress … more

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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Bonding with the Land’

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land”, said Aldo Leopold in his classic A Sand County Almanac: With Essays on Conservation from Round River (1966: 189). But land is not just the land. At least not according … more

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Sustainability Doings: July 27, 2015 – “Bottoms Up”

Participatory Budgeting Starts at Home The Alliance has come into some unexpected funds recently. We’ve gotten an anonymous contribution of $10,000. Holy cow! Another $1,300, so far, has come from the estate of Janet Goloub and considerably more is expected. … more

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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Bonding With the Beauty of the Here and Now’

A major component of the Transition Movement’s approach to bringing us away “from oil dependency to local resilience” is through “the heart”, the title of Part Two of the Transition Handbook. How do we get an emotional buy-in to the … more

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