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This website is for people, communities, and organizations trying to figure out: WHY the world is in the mess it’s in: global, holistic, historical perspectives WHAT we want – in all its holistic complexity – laid out in three sections: … more

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TU: MAREA programs

MAREA  Monthly Meetings, the More the Merrier! Free and Open to the Public – Last Tuesday of the month. Held at TEK Park Meeting,  9999 Hamilton Boulevard, Breinigsville, PA 18031-9300 – Follow MAREA signs for parking. Parking rules are strictly enforced.  [Directions] Presentations, Q&A, and … more

Dan Poresky: “Wanted: People hot over climate change”

I’ve got an out-of-the-box idea for how to mobilize public opinion to force congress to get serious about climate change. I’m looking for a few collaborators to develop the idea and then, working together (with the same or new people), … more

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Dance Workshop Series from Valley Contra Dance

Special Spring 2017 Dance Workshop Series On Three Saturdays (Whether you come with or without a partner, bring shoes to dance in.) 3/25/17, 4-6pm: Hambo Workshop with Sarah Gowan and Bill Quern Learn to do this traditional Swedish dance from a … more

Bruce Wilson: ‘Thoughts on the election & . . .

. . . on leading the public into emergency mode: a new strategy for the climate movement.’ It has been hard to voice what is going on inside my head since the election. To just do my job at work … more

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Suzie Hall Rosse: ‘Standing Rock Protector statements’

Suzie Hall Rosse, posted in Lehigh Valley Activism Network on November 27, 2016: Today I saw a video of some representatives of the many tribes taking part in Standing Rock Water Protection. The day before yesterday, Friday, a letter was … more

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fyi: No to auctioning off public lands for their fossil fuels

From Friends of the Earth, 9/8/16: In the last year, President Obama has auctioned off tens of thousands of acres of public lands and waters to Fossil Fuel Empires. On September 20th, he’s planning to auction off more than 4,000 … more

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fyi: “The fight to stop the Dakota Access pipeline”

1) From CREDO Blog, 9/8/16: It’s incredible. In just a few days, more than 210,000 CREDO members have signed our petition demanding that President Obama intervene and stop the Dakota Access pipeline once and for all. Hundreds of CREDO members … more

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fyi: Time to Take on Factory Farming

From Organic Bytes, published by the Organic Consumers Association, 9/8/16: The Lynchpin of It All After a decade of exposing and demonizing Monsanto and genetically engineered foods, including an intense four-year battle to force mandatory labeling of GMOs (a battle … more

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Grant Township Wins Key Motions

The township is battling the gas industry in court. The township is defending its right to ban frack injection wells. The industry is seeking to overturn that ban. Here’s an August 11, 2016 CELDF press release updating the situation. Grant … more

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