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BHCWA Resolution Opposing Transmission of Fracked Gas

Resolution of the Bertsch-Hokendauqua-Catasauqua Watershed Association (BHCWA) re: Natural Gas Pipelines, Compressor Station Expansions, and Other Infrastructural Support for Transmission of Natural Gas Derived by the Hydrofracturing of Marcellus Shale & Other Such Formations. Whereas BHCWA in its resolution adopted … more

Sustainability Doings: April 8, 2015 – “Dissidents, we?”

Maybe we are. Don’t we actively challenge established doctrines, policies, and institutions? Some of us might like to call ourselves the more positive-sounding “civil society advocates” — which seems to be a label popping up at the Summit of the Americas … more

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Opportunity for Engagement: Byler Farm for sale.

Janet and Urbane Byler are retiring and have put their farm up for sale. Here’s information from them about the farm. For more information, email Janet and Urbane: We have been operating an October Pumpkin Festival for 28 years that … more

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Education Underground

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Riddle: How is Capitalism Like an Elephant?

The system is broken. Everyone knows that. But do you know that no one knows what the hell the system is? We may be missing the obvious, like the proverbial elephant in the room, that we’re blanking out to, as … more

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fyi: ‘In Memory of Jerry Brunetti’

We’re posting this sad news received from Brian Snyder, Executive Director of PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) about the death of Jerry Brunetti. Some of you may have attended one or more of Jerry’s presentations in the Lehigh Valley … more

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LEPOCO needs to replace Robert Daniels II, who had been a mainstay there since 2008, as soon as possible. Candidates need to be committed to nonviolence, enthusiastic about promoting LEPOCO’s peace and justice efforts, able to coordinate with and aid … more

CELDF 11-5-14 Election Update: Community Rights Fracking Bans

From: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CEDLF), 11-5-14: Election results are in for our communities – please join us in celebrating the following wins for Community Rights: ATHENS, OH: With 78% of the vote, Athens, OH, residents overwhelmingly adopted a … more

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The Right to Be You.

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at your right to be you: PopQuiz on fatherly responses to those coming out of the closet. Here are 10 questions from pop culture that can get you thinking about the real you.

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Sections of the Alliance Bylaws of 11 January 2005, that deal with membership, governance, meetings, and decision-making: Article III – Membership Section 1 – Types of Membership 1.1 Individual Membership. A person who supports the Alliance’s purposes may become a … more