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Your Voting Scorecard

Voting, Elections, and You! We’ve heard enough about the candidates, haven’t we? What we need to know is how you rate. The measuring tool in the attachment is designed to rate your involvement in our political system. yourvotingscorecard2

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James Orben: ‘PennEast Pipeline: Coming to a Watershed Near You?’

The PennEast high pressure natural gas pipeline is planned to follow a 105-mile route beginning in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and continuing through Carbon, Northampton, and Bucks Counties. The pipeline is planned to cross the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, the … more

fyi: ‘CELDF Community Rights Update’

From the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), 9/10/14: Here’s an update on some of our latest work: GRANT TOWNSHIP, PA: On August 28th, Grant Township Supervisors voted unanimously to defend their Community Bill of Rights banning fracking wastewater injection … more

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Committee of 100

A “green shadow government”: an organizational structure of the sustainability community and for the community at large to meet individual and organizational needs holistically: unlocking imaginations and releasing creativity; enabling organizations and individuals to work collaboratively; and working on the whole … more

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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘Von Kiel update: Prosecution Exposed’

[Written 8/5/14.] The 7/30/14 Dr.Von Kiel Bail Hearing Continuance: Prosecution Exposed Smoke and mirrors. It’s not just the fabrications of cellmate informant Althouse to be on the alert about. We learned at the 7/30 continuance that it’s necessary to watch … more

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Martin Boksenbaum: ‘MC Bias in Von Kiel reporting’

Here’s the email I sent to today 7/27/14 re: “Character-assassinating bias”: Martin Boksenbaum writing to The Morning Call editor re: “Character-assassinating bias“: Can’t The Morning Call avoid the character-assassinating bias evident in the 7/23/14 article by Peter Hall re: … more

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Multi-Day Gatherings

Events which span several days, often outside the Lehigh Valley but relevant for our work here. Includes conferences and protests. July 31-August 3, 2014: Global Exchange Gathering: Building Community Resilience Around the World – Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel, Rhode Island … more

Sustainability Doings on File: June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 – Sustainability Doings – “Transitions U?” [Note: links to dated events are not provided.] Reading Sustainability Doings is revolutionary activity . . . because it’s about doing sustainable things collaboratively! Given our society and its tendency to … more


Neighborhood Groups: Allentown’s website (accessed in June 2014) lists 35 neighborhood groups. Twenty-seven of them list a contact person, 19 have regularly scheduled meetings, and 9 have published at least one newsletter. The Neighborhood Coordinator is Phyllis Alexander.

TU Locations

Possible locations for Transition U educational opportunities (May 2014): Lorna Midgelow continues to focus on Northampton Community College. Martin has several he’s working on: Community Exchange/School of Nursing facility in Allentown: has spoken with Steve Hoog (who teaches his Edible … more