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Positions on Fracking of the Candidates for PA Governor

Republican Party candidate: Pro-Fracking – Tom Corbett: “In his March 2011 budget address, Corbett said, ‘Let’s make Pennsylvania the hub of this [drilling] boom. Just as the oil companies decided to headquarter in one of a dozen states with oil, let’s make Pennsylvania the Texas of the natural gas boom. I’m determined that Pennsylvania not lose this moment. We have the chance to get it.’ ” From: StateImpact

Democratic Party candidate: Pro-Fracking – Tom Wolf: “With Pennsylvania sitting on one of the largest deposits of natural gas in the world, Tom Wolf believes that the Marcellus Shale must be a key component of any plan for Pennsylvania’s future. We must ensure that we take advantage of this resource and opportunity in a way that benefits all Pennsylvanians and protects our water and environment.” From: Tom Wolf’s website

Green Party candidate: Opposed to Fracking – Paul Glover: “Fracking should be banned and dismantled. Where contracts can’t be broken, prohibitive cleanup/abandonment bonds should be imposed. At the same time we ban fracking, we need to build energy-efficient alternatives to fossil fuels.” From: Glover for Governor