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NEW for 2015–2016: Developing recommendations & tools to help teachers integrate climate & sustainability concepts; raising awareness that allowing businesses to externalize their costs means they are borne by the public. [more info]

Over the summer, interns from Lafayette & Syracuse explored campus sustainability — especially the widespread problems with a lack of transparency, awareness and engagement — and analyzed possible weaknesses in the campus Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System [STARS].

As with most of our internship projects, interns use research & analysis to rethink the way we do things. Projects are generally designed to give students hands-on experience in developing solutions and getting them implemented.

We continue to support and work with a variety of efforts to help people get healthy food by promoting school & community gardens and access to food that truly supports health & sustainability. For an overview of the issues, see Healthy Food for Healthy Communities or our page on Sustainable Campus Dining Resources.

For more information, see the Internships with the Alliance page or contact Peter Crownfield, internship coordinator.