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NEW for 2016: We are developing recommendations & tools to help teachers integrate climate & sustainability concepts, starting with templates & guidelines for school-level inventories of greenhouse gas emissions [GHG] — and using them to generate discussion of global warming and what can be done. In addition to specific tools, we will also be encouraging teachers to do more to integrate discussion of climate & sustainability topics across the entire curriculum. [more info]

As these efforts continue, we will also begin exploring ways to raise awareness of the health & climate impacts of the industrialized food system. (This may turn into a summer project involving 2–3 interns.) We continue to work on a variety of efforts to help people get healthy food — for an overview of the issues, see Healthy Food for Healthy CommunitiesSustainable Campus Dining Resources.

As with most of our internship projects, interns use research & analysis to rethink the way we do things. Projects are generally designed to give students hands-on experience in developing solutions and getting them implemented.

For more information, see the Internships with the Alliance page or contact Peter Crownfield, internship coordinator.