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Interns use research & analysis to rethink the way we do things and build a more sustainable future as they gain hands-on experience developing solutions and raising awareness.

  • Climate & sustainability in schoolsWe published materials on Interdisciplinary Teaching on Climate & Sustainability (see teach-climate.net) at the beginning of January, and are now starting work on food:
  • Food sustainability at school – The food served at school is an entry point for raising awareness of the harm—to our health, to the environment, and to the climate—done by the industrialized food system. Project will develop ideas for teachers and a system for assessing food sustainability at school. (Internships available for spring, summer, and fall.)
  • Law Enforcement and the Justice System – Why do we have so many questions about police officers killing unarmed civilians? Why does the prison system fail to help people return as productive members of society? Why do we ignore the many benefits of restorative approaches? [This internship has been filled.]

For more information, see the Internships with the Alliance page or contact Peter Crownfield, internship coordinator.