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Election News From Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF):

Grant Township, PA Asserts Rights in a People’s Municipal Charter

With the state, industry, and a federal court telling Grant Township it can’t say “No” to frack waste, the people approve a Home Rule Charter and Bill of Rights banning waste. More in CELDF’s 11/4/15 press release.

West Chester, PA Adopts Community Rights Frack Ban

The people of West Chester overwhelmingly adopt a rights-based charter amendment, protecting their right to a healthy environment and to democratic, local self-government. Read CELDF’s 11/4/15 press release.

Youngstown: Just Shy of Victory

Advocating for community rights and fighting to protect their clean air and water for 2 1/2 years, last night Youngstown, Ohio, came closer than ever to codifying their rights. Read CELDF’s 11/4/15 press release.