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Food: vs. GMOs

From: Organic Consumers Association, 4/19/14:

Victory in Vermont!

This year, Mother Earth has at least one thing to celebrate on Earth Day—the beginning of the end of Monsanto’s evil empire.

On Wednesday, April 16, the Vermont Senate passed H.112, this country’s first no-strings-attached law requiring the mandatory labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and outlawing the practice of labeling GMO-contaminated foods as “natural” or “all-natural.”

With the passage of the Vermont GMO labeling law, after 20 years of struggle, it’s time to celebrate our common victory. But as we all know, the battle for a new food and farming system, and a sustainable future has just begun. Monsanto will likely sue Vermont. And lose. And the Gene and Junk Food Giants will still try to pass a federal law intended to strip Vermont, and every other state, of the right to pass GMO labeling laws.

But we will fight back. And we will win.