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Food: vs. GMOs

Tell USDA to Protect GMO-Free Producers
Submit Comments on Proposed Coexistence with GMOs
Deadline: midnight Tuesday – March 4, 2014

From: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, 2/25/14:

It’s a fact: farmers’ crops have been contaminated with genetically engineered crops, also known as GMOs. And as long as the U.S. allows GMOs to be planted, this will continue and likely increase.

In 2011, the USDA convened an advisory committee to discuss the issue. The topic was labeled “coexistence,” based on the assumption that GMO and non-GMO crops can coexist in the same area. But that’s already been proven false: non-GMO farmers are inevitably harmed by pollen that is blown or carried onto their farms, GMO material caught in harvesting and cleaning equipment, and the numerous other ways that contamination occurs.

USDA is now asking for comments from the public on the issue of coexistence. Tell them it’s time to take steps to prevent contamination and put the costs where they belong!

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