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Communities of the Sustainability Commons

A variety of work groups & communities are forming in the Sustainability Commons, including a few private groups. Following is a list of open Sustainability Commons communities; to learn more about a community, contact the moderator or a commons administrator. [If you are already part of the Sustainability Commons, just log in and go to the community and click the Join button.]

* Commons Central * – A community for all members to share ideas and discuss the Sustainability Commons itself. Contact: Commons Admin Team

Arts & Ideas Connections – This community is to facilitate the formation and functioning of a communications, arts, and media networking collaborative to more effectively harness the efforts of individuals and organizations. Contact: Martin Boksenbaum

Beyond Capitalism Working Group – We started with, Gar Alperowitz’s America Beyond Capitalism and have been discussing aspects of political economy, contrasting the dysfunctionality of our current system with possible sustainable alternatives, as well as ways to get there.   Contact: Fara Farbod

Campus Food –  A community to discuss issues and develop strategies to move towards food and dining services that are healthy, fair, and sustainable.   Contact: Peter Crownfield

Climate & Sustainability in Schools – Planning and assisting with ways to encourage & facilitate more comprehensive teaching of these topics in K12 schools. Contact: Peter Crownfield

Climate Action – A workspace for sharing concerns, approaches, and event info, and for developing more comprehensive and integrated strategies to deal with the climate crisis.   Contact: Peter Crownfield

Committee of 100 (working title) – A position-taking body to be created by the greater Lehigh Valley’s sustainability community in order to: (1) provide a framework for collective decision-making; (2) evaluate proposals, from governmental and non-governmental sources, that would have an impact on the area’s people, communities, environments, and ecological systems; and (3) generate plans for a Sustainable Lehigh Valley.   Contact: Martin Boksenbaum

Community Health – Looking at health concerns in the Lehigh Valley with a focus on prevention and systemic issues such as environmental health, food, and climate.   Contact: Peter Crownfield

Community Mapping – A new community to help develop a peer mapping process of community assets. Contact: Tom Moroz

Food Policy Council – Discussing ideas & action related to food, health, farming, the local economy, and community-driven policy creation.   Contact: Joyce Marin

Impact Hub Lehigh Valley – A place where we can collaborate and explore the possibility for creating an Impact Hub in the Lehigh Valley. Contact: Tom Moroz

On Working Together – The dual purpose of the Sustainability Commons is to encourage and facilitate collaboration, discussion, and action both within “communities” as well as across the entire Sustainability Commons. This community serves that second function. Here we can talk about how we can work together more effectively, the value of collaborative organizational frameworks, leadership, communication within an organization, collaborative decision-making, and where creativity comes in.   Contact: Martin Boksenbaum

RenewLV – RenewLV promotes regional collaboration and Smart Growth. This is a place where individuals and organizations can collaborate. Our mission: to promote smart growth and efficient governance in the Lehigh Valley in order to revitalize its core communities, preserve open space and create an economically and environmentally sustainable foundation for the region’s future growth.   Contact: Joyce Marin

SouthSide Bethlehem – A community for discussion and action to promote a stronger SouthSide — based on building community, just ‘economic development’.   Contact: Kim Carrell-Smith or Peter Crownfield

Summit for Smart Growth & Sustainable Communities – This is a space for planning and follow up to the Summit for Smart Growth, also pre- and post-conference networking, collaborating and information-sharing. [See also RenewLV] Contact: Joyce Marin

Sustainable Lehigh Valley | directory –  A workspace for the team preparing the 2016 edition of the Sustainable Lehigh Valley booklet. Contact: Directory Team

Transitions Lehigh Valley – This community is a way for people involved in local Transition initiatives and in the work of the Transitions Lehigh Valley hub to plan, coordinate and communicate about their different projects and activities.   Contact: Transitions Group

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[updated January 2016]