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Transitions Lehigh Valley

Transitions Lehigh Valley, now an official Transition Initiative and which is to be a Local Coordinating Hub, has been formed from the efforts of the Alliance Transitions Group and figures to be a major organizing and mobilizing effort of the Alliance. Posts in this sections will keep you abreast of our work.

Contact us to get involved.

The Transition Towns / Transition Initiatives movement is one of the creative ways to cope effectively with the predicaments of peak oil, climate change, and others. Founder Rob Hopkins draws on decades of intensive experience with addiction healing, deeply curative insights from permaculture, future visions of sustainable life, re-localization of the economy, and “re-skilling” of the population to build resilient and self-reliant communities.

The Alliance has committed to working on transition efforts in the Lehigh Valley. You can learn about what we’re planning at Transitions LV. We invite you to join the Transitions Working Group and to consider participating in a transition initiative in your community! For more info, contact us.

We recommend The Transition Handbook – from oil dependency to local resilience, by Rob Hopkins. Copies can be ordered from Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, Vermont. (802-295-6300)

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