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Steve Hoog: Living Potential Programs

Macrobiotic Dietary Counseling, Shiatsu ,Cranio-sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Eco Landscape Design Workshops, Wild Food Walks, Macrobiotic Cooking for Individuals, Wild Food Property Assessments, Food Forest and Wild Gardens, Muscle Testing, Holistic Health Lectures.

“How to Develop a Food Forest Garden” – a workshop series

The purpose of this workshop is to show participants how to plan and grow a concentrated food production area on their property by understanding the dynamics of a forest and by selecting and placing plants so they will cooperate in attaining that goal. We will be looking at the soil and root systems and how they interact as well as discussing the various above ground levels to get the appropriate mix. It’s $120 for the 12-hour workshop series.

In Allentown:
At the School of Nursing Bldg, on Chew at the corner of 17th St.
Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm — starts 10/15.
Call Stephen at 610-756-6867 to register.