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Healthy Food for Healthy Communities

This ongoing project provides internships to look at the food system and its impacts on the environment, health, and climate. For 2017, most interns will instead focus on the internship on Food & Sustainability at School, which will focus on interdisciplinary approaches to teaching about food.

— Rethink the System, Work for Change —

The specific activities depend on what is happening in the community at the time, but an intern can expect to:

  • Understand and update the large body of research showing the effects of the industrialized food system;
  • Take action to raise both public & professional awareness of the need to purchase and serve food that is grown without harmful chemicals, comes from local farms, and for which food producers and workers are paid fairly;
  • Involve and work with community organizations such as the Food Policy Council & community health departments, to develop and implement strategies for current and long-term sustainability of the regional food system
  • Create posters, articles, fact sheets, and/or oral presentations to groups to raise awareness various aspects of sustainability in the  food system
  • Develop ways to reduce waste by eliminating single-use serving products and promoting more effective recycling & composting; work for surplus food to be donated to local agencies and all remaining food waste to be composted

Some previous interns’ work on food and health:

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