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Community Planning for Resilience & Sustainability

The federal government has done very little to prepare for the growing threat of climate change and other threats to survival—nor have most states and communities. This lack of planning leaves many communities extremely vulnerable.

What can communities do to prepare for and adapting to threats of global warming & climate change? How can they make sure plans lead toward greater resilience and benefit all, including those who are vulnerable?

Rethink the System, Work for Change

This internship will involve some or all of the following activities:

  • Research to gain understanding of existing approaches for community resilience & planning
  • Analyze ways to improve current and long-term sustainability of communities
  • Explore the role of institutions in promoting community resilience and sustainability
  • Work with community members, educators, and local organizations to explore possibilities
  • Take action to raise awareness and understanding of the need for communities to plan for resilience and sustainability, including presentations, fact sheets, and/or posters
  • Write articles or speak to groups on various aspects of sustainability and community resilience

NOTE: This is a preliminary description; this internship is still being developed.