Communicating sustainability concepts to the community at large is a challenge, given the flood of misinformation in the mainstream media. This can be quite challenging, because these projects focus on public policy but need to make scientific concepts, technical data, and moral & ethical & moral issues clear and engaging to the public.

Make a difference with effective print, and online, and in-person communications, including reports, posters, presentations, web pages, and/or news releases. May include work on current events, concerns, and controversial issues. Examples of likely focus areas for 2016 & 2017: Climate & Sustainability in K–12 Schools, Food Policy, Urban Ecology, Community Rights, Health Impacts of Synthetic Turf, Campus Sustainability. Specific activities depend in part on what is happening in the community during the internship.

Note: This internship is available with a graphic design focus for qualified students.

? — Send an email to internship coordinator Peter Crownfield