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Colonialism, Patriarchy, & Racism

We like to think of our society as fair & just, providing equal opportunity for all. In reality, though, there is ample evidence of embedded racism, patriarchy, & colonialism — even right here in the Lehigh Valley. All three of these issues are closely connected to the ‘evil triplets’ spelled out by MLK: poverty, racism, & militarism. (Perhaps we should add capitalism to the list.)

While interns will look at how these topics are interconnected, they will focus on what can be done here in the Lehigh Valley.

  • How can we better understand the pervasive influence of these factors?
  • What can we do to raise awareness of these problems and their systemic nature?
  • How can we begin to reduce these influences and move towards a just and equitable society?

This may be more of a study project than a typical internship — but unlike most studies, students will look at these problems and their effects in the Lehigh Valley (both historic & current).

If this is a topic you would like to explore, email Internship Coordinator Peter Crownfield.

Updated March 2018