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Current Internship Opportunities

Help Create a Just & Sustainable world!

Rethink the System, Work for Change

Do you want to use your talents, insight, and academic knowledge to help create a better world? Is an Alliance internship right for you?

“The most important thing I did during my internship was to meet people and find out how many factors go into changing the way something is done.… I learned how to find out about things that tend to be hidden, talk to people about things they would rather pretend do not exist, and solve problems that seem overwhelming at first glance.” (JT, Lafayette College)

“Working with the Alliance allowed me to collaborate with individuals who shared my passion for sustainability, as well as voice my own ideas…. a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience…” (LB, Muhlenberg College)


Alliance internships combine research, analysis, and activism to raise both public & professional awareness. If you are interested in one of the possibilities listed below, contact Peter Crownfield as soon as possible. (Before considering a specific internships we suggest you read this brief description.)

  • Climate & Sustainability for Schools– Help develop recommendations & tools to help teachers integrate climate & sustainability concepts in all subject areas and grade levels — and use them to generate critical thinking & dialogue that can result in a major increase in understanding in the K-12 school population. [More info]
  • Developing a Combined Heat & Power [CHP] proposal for a local hospital. Interns will explore technical issues, how to deal with non-technical obstacles to approval, and help raise awareness of the need to reduce energy use & greenhouse gas emissions [GHG].   [More info]
  • Private Profits, Socialized Costs –  Many businesses, especially in the extractive & energy industries, create huge economic and health burdens for society, but these costs are externalized; we will explore the problem and work to raise awareness of the destructive results. [More info]
  • Urban Ecology –  Exploring ways to make cities more ecologically and socially healthy.  [still in development — for more info contact Peter Crownfield.]
  • Healthy Food for Healthy Communities — Food from the industrialized food system not only fails to support people’s health but actually undermines health and has a huge global-warming impact. This internship involves research, analysis, and activism to raise both public & professional awareness, including developing presentations, fact sheets, and/or posters.
  • Community Rights –  Agencies established to ensure ‘environmental protection’ have devolved into systems that actually permit ecosystem destruction and pollution levels that not only degrade the environment but create a direct threat to people’s health. We need to raise awareness of the importance of using a community rights approach — as the colonists did before the U.S Revolution! This internship is at the intersection of environmental policy, government, and public awareness and will focus on raising awareness and working with interested local officials.

We’ve developed many internships in response to student requests, so please contact us if you are interested in an internship that’s not listed.

(See the Internship Structure & Expectations page, and contact internship coordinator Peter Crownfield for more information.

Note that preference may be given at times to special projects and urgent calls for action. (Before you choose, please read the Internships with the Alliance and the Internship Structure & Expectations pages for important information that applies to all internships!)

Following is a list of other recent internships, many of which were developed in response to students’ requests:

  • Campus Sustainability
  • Clean Air [Public Health]
  • Climate Action!
  • Communication & Media
  • Community & Restorative Justice
  • Community Engagement
  • Cooperative Businesses
  • Democracy in Action | Act For Change
  • Editing & Publishing [spring semester]
  • Fair Trade
  • Food for Health & Sustainability  [Public Health]
  • Graphic Design
  • Healthy Food for Healthy Communities
  • Health Impacts of Synthetic Turf
  • Public Health [Food, air quality, water quality, environmental pollution]
  • Sustainability in Business

For more information on any of these internships, send an email to internship coordinator Peter Crownfield. It is our intent to offer listed internships in the coming term, but availability may change or a given internship may be filled. Some internships may not be offered at all colleges. Most schools allow you to change courses without penalty during the first week or two of the semester, but we urge you to apply well in advance if possible.

? Send an email to internship coordinator Peter Crownfield

[Updated December 2013]