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Current Internship Opportunities

Rethink the System, Work for Change

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015  

If you are interested in one of the possibilities listed below, contact Peter Crownfield as soon as possible.

  • Climate Action!
  • Communications & Media [writing and/or graphic design]
  • Democracy in Action | Social Entrepreneurship
  • Editing & Publishing [spring semester – work on the Alliance's Sustainable Lehigh Valley directory for 2015]
  • Food for Health & Sustainability [several options]
  • Sustainability & Public Health [several options]

Other internships are also available (see below) so please contact us if you are interested in an internship in one of these areas.

Internships are for academic credit (replacing a regular course); these internships require an average of 10–12 hrs/wk, including independent work. These internships require excellent people skills, analytical ability, and both written and oral communications skills.

(See the Internship Structure & Expectations page, and contact internship coordinator Peter Crownfield for more information.

Following is a list of some additional internship possibilities based on successful recent internships – for more information, send an email to internship coordinator Peter Crownfield. Note that preference may be given at times to special projects and urgent calls for action.

Before you choose, please read the Internships with the Alliance and the Internship Structure & Expectations pages for important information that applies to all internships!

  • Campus Sustainability 2.0
  • Clean Air [Public Health]
  • Climate Action!
  • Communications & Media
  • Community & Restorative Justice
  • Community Engagement
  • Cooperative Businesses
  • Democracy in Action | Social Entrepreneurship
  • Editing & Publishing [spring semester]
  • Education for Democracy
  • Fair Trade
  • Food for Health & Sustainability  [Public Health]
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Health
  • Sustainability in Business

For more information on any of these internships, send an email to internship coordinator Peter Crownfield. It is our intent to offer listed internships in the coming term, but availability may change or a given internship may be filled. Some internships may not be offered at all colleges. Most schools allow you to change courses without penalty during the first week or two of the semester, but we urge you to apply well in advance if possible.

? Send an email to internship coordinator Peter Crownfield

[Updated December 2013]