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Internships with the Alliance

Help Create a Just & Sustainable world!

Rethink the System, Work for Change

Internships with the Alliance are about working towards a more sustainable future—and this will involve systemic change, not just minor improvements to the current ways of doing things. This includes rethinking the current systems, building public awareness of the need to change, developing goals and action plans, and creating presentations and resources (both online and in print) to educate community groups and policymakers. The Alliance’s work revolves around our vision of a sustainable, regenerative world and six broad goals.

I gained real experience facing the challenges—financial, bureaucratic, and social—in implementing a climate action plan. Now, I am prepared to anticipate these challenges in the future, whether working for a university, government, or business.  — Christina B, Climate Action

An Alliance internship is anything but routine — interns are directly involved in the process of creating change and raising public awareness on a variety of concerns that make up the big picture of sustainability.

The Alliance and partner organizations work to promote food that supports the health of individuals and communities, to reduce vehicle pollution that contributes to the high incidence of asthma here in the Lehigh Valley, to increase awareness of the dangers of fracking, to end systemic causes of poverty & inequality, and to preserve and protect freedom of speech and other civil liberties here in the Lehigh Valley—in other words, moving towards a society that is both just and sustainable.

“… an experience I’ll never forget. I was given the tools and power to make a difference on my campus. I have established dependable relationships with administration and faculty, which allowed me to attain the skill of working with executives in a professional manner. Above all, I was able to convey an important sustainability message to an institution that is business oriented.” —Nicole B, Campus Sustainability

Alliance internships include a combination of research, analyzing existing policy & developing new or revised policy, and developing informative materials and presentations to engage the public and raise awareness of the need for action. Each internship is structured to reflect the type of work to be done and the individual intern’s strengths and interests. (See Current Internship Opportunities,  Internship Structure & Expectations.)

It’s important to plan on an average of 10–12 hours per week [independent work + team work + meetings with partners & community leaders]. Because some of the work is done independently, students sometimes assume they will need only a few hours per week.  That usually does not work — and can result in an internship being terminated before the semester is over.

Note: Summer Internships are sometimes available for highly-motivated students.

[Revised July 2013]