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From: Friends for Protection of Lower Macungie Township, 6/7/2012:

Second Appeal initiated in effort to protect prime farmland.
Call for support issued

A second appeal has been initiated by the appellants of the Jaindl Subdivision/re-zoning. This one is specifically regarding the subdivision plan that was approved by the township BOC on May 3rd. The ‘Friends’ group will again support appellants legal effort through fundraising. We believe the grounds for this 2nd appeal are rock-solid and justified. As we’ve always stated we will support any and all legal actions to reverse the destruction of over 600 acres of Prime farmland.

Read about the appeal here

Now more then ever we need your support! We will continue to help faciliate the funding of any legal manuever that the appellants and their legal team feel is valid. But we must have your continued support! Please contribute $25.00 today to ensure the appellants can continue to stop this monster development from paving over 600+ acres of regionally significant prime farmland!

Send checks to:
Friends for Protection of Lower Macungie Township
PO Box 313
Macungie PA 18062

Checks payable to “Friends LMT”

Press Release:

A group of Lower Macungie Township residents has challenged the township’s approval of the Spring Creek Properties subdivision plan. The seven residents who live within the vicinity of the proposed 600-acre warehouse, industrial and commercial development project filed an appeal yesterday in the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas.

The appeal lists three reasons why the township’s approval of the subdivision plan on May 3 was a violation of the state Muncipalities Planning Code, which regulates how municipalities can review and approve land development

Friends believes the subdivision approval is a continuation of the township’s reckless, illegal and puzzling behavior in support of a land development project that is opposed by a significant number of township residents. Friends if fighting the project and supports the appeal by funding the legal costs.

The subdivision appeal claims:

1. The subdivision approval should not have been made while the underlying zoning ordinance is under challenge and is currently not in effect.

2. The subdivision approval illegally extended the normal state-mandated five-year protection period for development projects to the year 2030.

3. The township did not require the developer to justify in writing and the township did not determine in writing why 19 waivers of township requirements were granted to the developer.

Developer David Jaindl has proposed the subdivision, which calls for warehouses, industrial and commercial uses and urban density housing on 600 acres of prime farmland on Spring Creek Road in the western part of the township.

Two years ago the township approved zoning changes requested by Jaindl to allow the development. The appellants appealed of the zoning change, which is currently in Commonwealth Court for a ruling. Friends has been supporting the appellants through fundraising and awareness efforts. A county judge last year ruled the zoning change invalid because of inadequate public notice. The appellants also claim the zoning change was illegal contract zoning, an issue which has not been decided by the courts.

“We cannot understand why the township Board of Commissioners continues to push this project forward while not responding to the legitimate concerns expressed by many residents over the project’s negative impact on traffic congestion, tax base, stream flooding and the overall quality of life of township residents and neighboring communities,” said Friends spokesperson Scott Bieber.

“The township arbitrarily extending the protection period to 2030, over a decade longer then the standard 5 years is unprecedented. This will handcuff the township for 18 years,” said Friends Chairperson Ron Beitler

For more information, please contact Ron Beitler at 610-762-2684
or email Friendslmt@gmail.com

On the web: www.facebook.com/friendslmt