Model letter

To members of the ______________________________  of  _____________________________:

As a resident of this municipality, I urge you, a representative of my interests, to attend the 9/17/11 conference on “Stopping Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling at the Municipal Level”. I understand that you have already received both a flier about the event as well as the meeting agenda. This letter is to add my support for the efforts of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and the Lehigh Valley Community Rights Network (LVCRN), co-sponsors of the conference, as they relate to Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling and the Rights of Communities to determine the acceptability of such drilling in their townships, borough, cities, counties, as well as on their homesteads.

I believe that this is an extremely critical issue, not only for protection of our streams, aquifers, and potable water supplies but also in focusing on the crux of the matter, that being community rights and the rights of community residents to say yes or no to proposed actions or legislation that adversely affect the health, welfare, and environment of the municipality.  And I think we can rally together sufficient support to draft ordinances that allow the people of a municipality to determine the fate of their property.

I urge you to participate in this event in Williamsport, PA, on September 17th and look forward to the development of a cohesive, practical, and realistic strategy to protect our families, our property, and our local communities.  Momentum is building on what has already been developed by CELDF and Pittsburgh’s City Council – and which has been supported in the Lehigh Valley by the City Council of Easton – to establish ordinances banning the hydro-fracking technique for natural gas production.  As the mayor of Easton so eloquently put it: “this resolution is as much about self-governance as it is about natural gas . . .”

A Free Conference for Municipal Officials and Active Citizens
Saturday, September 17th, 2011
10:00AM – 4:00PM

Pittsburgh Councilman Doug Shields
Dr. Tom Jiunta, Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition

In the Terrace Room of the
Genetti Hotel & Suites
200 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA  17701

Registration Required by September 2, 2011:
To register, contact

I hope to speak with you further about this.

Yours, for the good of the community, the health and welfare of its people, and the environment on which we all depend,