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Lehigh Valley Email groups

These email groups are set up in response to activity in the Lehigh Valley where people want to exchange news and ideas on specific subjects. They all have relatively low traffic and are completely free of advertisements.

To subscribe, go to the group page listed below and click on Join.  [You can unsubscribe from any of these groups at any time.]

  • Campus Sustainability/Global Warming/Climate Action (These are combined in a single list because there is so much overlap of news and ideas).
  • Civil Liberties – Protecting the Bill of Rights especially freedom of speech and expression, but also government transparency, right to privacy, and other important characteristics of a democratic society.
  • Food – sustainable growing, food for health, FairTrade, composting, food for all, and more…
Groups like these are to facilitate the exchange of ideas, so don’t be a passive reader — be sure to post your questions, ideas, & news and respond to others!