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Don’t Drill the Delaware

The DRBC (Delaware River Basin Commission), this critical watershed’s regulatory agency, had scheduled a special meeting for November 21, 2011 in Trenton, NJ to vote on proposed regulations that would have allowed fracking within the Delaware River watershed. And DRBC had been expected to lift the moratorium on fracking. But after considerable public outcry, that meeting was cancelled and the planned protest outside the DRBC meeting was turned into a rally and march. Hundreds gathered on 11-21 in front of the War Memorial in Trenton to say “Don‘t Drill the Delaware” at a Rally of various constituencies and organizations opposed to gas drilling in the Delaware River Watershed… [for rest of press release re: the Rally & March see News Release Rally Day 11.21.11 ]


More than 15 million people depend on the Delaware for fresh water, and their health is threatened by plans for fracking in the Marcellus Shale in New York & Northeast PA.

From Food & Water Watch:

Great news! The Delaware River Basin Commission announced . . . that [the 11/21/11] meeting will be postponed to allow the five commissioners additional time to review the proposed regulations. This delay is a testament to all of our work (yours too!) and the power of the grassroots. Thanks so much for all of your support and energy!

From Damascus Citizens, 11-18-11:

Please see DRBC website, confirming cancellation and postponement of DRBC November 21 meeting . . .

For more info go to Save the Delaware or GASLAND.

DRBC cancels vote on fracking regs: No meeting on November 21

In a dramatic turn of events, the DRBC failed to gain a consensus to adopt its fracking regulations for the Delaware River Basin and thus cancelled the vote scheduled for Nov. 21 in Trenton. On Thursday, November 17, Delaware Governor Jack Markell wrote a letter to the DRBC stating that he would vote no. In the end, the Governor listened to the voice of the people and also concluded that the scientific evidence weighed against drilling in the watershed without looking at the cumulative impacts. New York’s DEC Commissioner Joe Martens had already stated that New York State would likely vote no arguing that the revised DRBC regulations are confusing and could be in conflict with the pending NYS regulations.

There was no question how Pennsylvania Governor Corbett would vote. He has accepted $1.6 million in contributions from the gas drilling industry over the past ten years. The industry has waged a $747 million lobbying and political spending campaign over the past decade. Read the latest report by Common Cause.

Many thanks to all of you for contacting your governors, elected officials and the federal government — for doing your part to make this happen. The hard work of NYH2O, Damascus Citizens, Delaware Riverkeeper, Food & Water Watch and the many other groups paid off — at least for now. Stay posted via our DCS website.

Turn up the volume on high volume hydraulic fracking

As it now reads, the draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement does little to protect New Yorkers from the dangers of gas drilling and extraction. Whether it is the lack of defined methods to dispose of the toxic wastewater or the inadequate buffer between drilling operations and water wells, whether it is the loophole allowing companies to escape disclosing the chemicals in their frack fluid, or it is the deplorable lack of a Public Health Impact Study, the dSGEIS is not acceptable as is. Fracking is intrinsically contaminating and the regulations will not make it safe.

Thank you,

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

From Protecting Our Waters (POW), 10-28-11:

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