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“Think globally, act locally” urges people to consider the big picture in figuring out what actions need to be taken wherever they happen to live. It asks people to put their actions into the context of sustainability writ large. From this perspective, it is important to base action on a broad awareness and understanding of conditions and prospects.

But one can also act where one lives to address local and personal concerns and needs. Here, one bases one’s actions on enlightened self interest and on the quality of life wanted, and people’s right to say what they do and do not want in their backyards and in their communities.

In this section, we focus on taking action in one’s neighborhood, community, locality, region. Where one lives and interacts with neighbors, members of the community and the larger communities. And where the actions impact not only the local settings but the larger settings as well as – state, country, and world.

One way to contribute to a more sustainable Lehigh Valley is to pay attention to the reports being drafted by the Envision Lehigh Valley project and make sure they reflect real paths to a sustainable future. Visit our Envision LV response page now!

Usually, taking action means becoming involved with others, with groups, with organizations and attending/participating in their events and projects:

  • You can find a host of local organizations and businesses working to promote sustainable communities in our Directory. See what they’re about by reading their descriptions.
  • Our Events Calendar and the calendars provided by other organizations provide info about upcoming events and projects.
  • The Alliance has a number of projects in the works that are carried out by our various Working Groups. You may find a home here for carrying out your local actions.
  • And for students, we offer Internships with the Alliance – you can make a difference and earn academic credit at the same time!

But in this section, we will also post calls to action (Action Alerts), reskilling and learning opportunities, and doings in the municipalities.