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Sustainability Doings, usually published two times a month, are emailed to folks on our email list. To get on our emailing list to receive them hot off the virtual press, click here.

Comments and coworkers welcome!!! You can contact us at:  sustainabilitydoings@sustainlv.org

- Martin Boksenbaum, Sustainability Doings editor

The most recent Sustainability Doings:

September 16, 2013 - Sustainability Doings
“With a Bang or With a Whimper?”

What’s ahead for 2013-2014? When naturalist John Muir was caught up by an avalanche, he spread-eagled on it and enjoyed the ride down. Is Muir’s ride an appropriate metaphor for how we might survive, even enjoy, our downward plunge in these roller-coaster times? Or might there be other movements which might carry us up?

Vis-á-Vis the Climate-Energy Onslaught

Policy Approaches: What are governments doing? – Tonight, 9/16, 7pm, at Moravian College: “Climate Change: European Policy Perspectives“, a presentation by Dr Ken Addison of Oxford University.

People Power: Taking it to the streets – Saturday, 9/21, “Draw the Line on the Tar Sands & Keystone XL“, 350.org actions, some of which are near the Lehigh Valley, opposing getting oil out of Canada’s Tar Sands and pipelining the oil through the U.S.

Lobbying: Taking it to our legislators – Sunday, 9/22, 1-4pm, at Fox Environmental Center (Illicks’ Mill), Citizens Climate Lobby-LV Chapter kickoff meeting.

Vis-á-Vis the War Machine

Stop the Drone Center Before It Starts!
Stop the Bully on the International Scene!
No more blood on our hands! And not in our name!
Protest in Horsham
Last Saturdays thru September, noon to 2pm:

September 28, 2013

A local action with national and international implications.
Toward working with – rather than bullying – people around the world.

Vis-á-Vis Time Keepin’ On Slippin’ Into The Future

WELCOME to those who signed up to be on the Alliance emailing list at Lehigh University’s Community Expo and at Bethlehem VegFest. To you all, but especially to college students eager for that transition to adulthood that college promises to be, we hope you have the spirit of caring and of wanting freedom and seeking solutions expressed in Steve Miller’s “Fly Like An Eagle“.

[If interested in any Alliance internships, please read the Internships with the Alliance and Internship Structure & Expectations pages for important information that applies to all internships.]

Vis-á-Vis Systemic Change

To work on the organizational, political, and theoretical basis for generating the sustainable systems capable of replacing the old dysfunctional systems, we invite you to participate in the Sustainability Commons, and in the Committee of 100 community in particular. Contact the Commons Admin for more info and/or to become a member of the Commons.

Directory Listings Featured on the Alliance Homepage

Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL) – dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities and promoting the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life.

Agri-Dynamics, Inc. - We provide natural products for livestock, equine, small pet, and human health.

American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] – a nonpartisan organization devoted to the defense of civil liberties.

April 18, 2013 – Sustainability Doings – “¡Presente!”

Honoring life on Earth Day and Every Day. Perhaps a sobering starting point for us as we begin each day would be to think of the thousands and thousands – millions? – of innocents killed by those carrying out senseless, sadistic violence – and by those carrying out expedient political mandates or final solutions (genocidal, sadistic “ethnic cleansing”) or in the name of justified, political retribution –- as well as those killed by the collateral effects of all the profit-protected toxicities (which result in those nasty degenerative diseases) and greenhouse gas climate disrupters (resulting in the devastation of super-storms, for starters).

And, with those who have died in our minds, say, “¡Presente!”, as marchers with the School of the Americas Watch say every year outside Fort Benning in Columbus GA. In so doing, they are honoring those who have died at the hands of the foreign military graduates who had attended our Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) – formerly known as the US Army School of the Americas (SOA) – and which some call the School of Assassins.

And then, having those who have died present in us, include in our thinking during the day, our intent to stop the violence being done – to others, to us, by us, or in our name.

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Intros for past issues:

September 5, 2011 – Transition Sightings
Adrienne Rayna wrote, in a Sept 3rd email, “I think it would be cool to start a Sustainability / Transitions ‘Sightings’ List”, explaining, “Noticing the metamorphosis, the sustainability efforts that are going on, can feel empowering.” Well how about these as indicators that things they are a-changin’? [Note: Here's the corrected link for Sighting #3 - Know Your Watershed Day]

August 28, 2011 – “No Fracking Here!”
For folks who want to take action to stop dirty gas drilling – the hydro-fracking in the Marcellus Shale – and who want to stand up for air, water, earth and human health.

August 19, 2011 – Help Create The New Ways
Want to act locally? To do hands-on stuff? Help create the new ways needed to do what needs to be done in these precarious times? Here are seven projects for your consideration.

August 11, 2011 – Four Questions
We’re using this Sustainability Doings to ask your opinions and thoughts on several matters about which we’d like . . . your opinions and thoughts . . . and involvement. [This was the first newsletter-format Sustainability Doings.]