“I think . . . our hope is that we’ll turn this disappointment and disgust with this [Ferguson Grand Jury] decision into engaged voters and civically engaged residents.” – Michael Curry, president of the Boston branch of the NAACP, quoted in the 11/26/14 Boston Globe.

From Nurture Nature Center, December 2014:

Easton Matters: Your Opinion Matters. Your Voice Matters.

Easton Matters is a new Nurture Nature Center project that plans to learn about the environmental concerns of Easton residents, and we need your input!

What concern(s) do you have about the local environment in your neighborhood / community? Please fill out a postcard or call us at 610-253-4432 and let us know!

Additional information can be found at www.nurturenaturecenter.org/easton-matters.

“Stand Up and Speak Out!” Protest Demonstration in Horsham
Close the Drone Center Before It Is Activated

Last Saturdays, noon to 2pm: Oct 25,  Nov 29, Dec 27

Protest Horsham Drone Command Center
(Outside the Reaper Drone Command Center
at theHorsham Air National Guard Station,
Easton & County Line Roads, Horsham PA)

10:45am: Carpool from Lehigh Valley
(From Hellertown Park & Ride, Silvex Rd
near intersection of Rte 412 & I-78, behind Wendy’s)

Please call LEPOCO at 610-691-8730 to sign up or with questions.


Interns continue to work on rethinking the system, using research & analysis to develop effective approaches. Most projects are designed to help make the Lehigh Valley more sustainable while giving students hands-on experience. This spring, we are looking at two unique projects:

  • Exploring the connections of food, health, & climate — and how to raise awareness about this critical topic.
  • Researching the health impacts of artificial turf, with a goal of developing recommendations to guide schools & other institutions.

We continue to support and work with a variety of efforts to help people get healthy food by promoting school & community gardens and access to food that truly supports health & sustainability. For an overview of the issues, see Healthy Food for Healthy Communities.

For more information, see the Internships with the Alliance page or contact Peter Crownfield, internship coordinator.

The View From Popular Resistance:
Daily Movement News & Resources

Resistance Report for movement building news, analysis, interviews and editorial commentary.

RESIST: Strategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands.

CREATE: Along with direct action and other forms of resistance, a successful movement must also build new institutions based on solidarity, justice and cooperation.

EDUCATE: Information from organizations and independent media outlets focusing on the fifteen core issues defining national and global crises.

ORGANIZE: About creating sustainable, democratic organizations that empower its members while also protecting against disruption.

STRATEGIZE: Strategic nonviolence and links to organizations that provide training in nonviolent resistance, effective strategy and creative actions.

From Popular Resistance,  11/15/14:

People Power Can Make the Politically Impossible,
the Politically Inevitable

“The net neutrality rules were thrown out by a court in January 2014. Following that decision, millions of people emailed, petitioned and telephoned the FCC urging net neutrality but the FCC did not seem to be listening. More was needed.” More was done using tactics that included an encampment at the FCC headquarters, interruptions of the FCC hearing, actions that generated so many comments it crashed the FCC’s system, and blocking the driveway at the home of FCC Chair Tom Wheeler. “We know we have not won yet, but we also know we are capable of winning. The battle for the future of the Internet has been engaged and the right solution – reclassification under Title II and putting in place strong net neutrality rules – has gone from being politically impossible to seemingly inevitable.”

See full article on the Popular Resistance website.